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My Well Child

As a staff, we are interested in all aspects of health, growth, and development that affect a child’s overall well-being. For that reason, we feel very strongly that it is important to see children on a regular basis for well care visits. These times are set aside not only to get to know you and your child better, but also to address ongoing issues such as development, nutrition, behavior, discipline, and safety.

During your child’s well care visit, attention is given to any chronic health problems such as asthma, poor growth, etc. We hope you will use these visits to discuss any ongoing concerns you may have as well. In this way, we hope to anticipate your child’s health needs as he or she matures.

Knowing your child in a “well” state helps us to deal effectively with illness when it occurs. As a practice, our providers strongly support and encourage immunizations at every visit. If you have any concerns regarding immunizations, please ask your provider. To schedule a well care visit please call the appointment line at 505/298-2505.

My Sick Child


We understand the stress of caring for a sick child. AHP is here to help get your family on the fast track to healthy.

  •  Not sure whether your child needs to come in? Click the Symptom Checker to learn more about your child’s symptoms.
  • Call Our Phone Nurse: (505) 298-2505
    Phone Nurses at AHP are available during regular business hours Monday through Friday. We can assist you with home care or scheduling.
  • Dosage Chart  for acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  • Scheduling Appointments
    Our office is equipped to handle most situations and we do not over-schedule our patients. All visits require a scheduled appointment. Please call (505) 298-2505  or click the MyAHP Patient Portal to schedule an appointment
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    AHP conveniently has four locations. Click here to find the one most convenient for your needs.

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